The 10 Best Comedy Clubs in North America

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While you can find amazing comedy shows in Montreal, there is always something exciting about visiting a new club. With that in mind, here are Comedyville’s rankings of the 10 best comedy clubs in North America…

If you are a fan of Montreal comedy and find yourself travelling, you may want to try to catch a show from time to time. While you can find amazing comedy shows in Montreal, there is always something exciting about visiting a new club. With that in mind, here are Comedyville’s rankings of the 10 best comedy clubs in North America.

1. The Comedy Store – Los Angeles

Any list of the top places to see stand up comedy will have The Comedy Store ranked highly if not first. This 450-seat venue has a rich history and is frequented by many celebrities. It is also well known for the quality of its acts which are individually vetted by the operators. Many of the top acts in comedy history including Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dana Carvey are alums of this venue.

2. The Comedy Cellar – New York City

Throughout the history of stand-up comedy, New York City and Los Angeles have been the two largest centers for people to make it big. Thus, it is not surprising that the second spot on our list is an NYC venue – The Comedy Cellar. With over three decades of history, this club has seen regular performances from many legends including Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari, and Robin Williams. It frequently features comedians from New York’s late-night shows and other top NYC acts.

3. Second City – Chicago

When it comes to improvisational comedy, people tend to either love it or hate it. However, we love all forms of stand-up comedy and are happy to list Second City high on our list. While there are three locations including one in Toronto, the Chicago location is the original. This is not just a comedy club but also a comedy school. Second City alums include Tina Fey, Bill Murray, Steve Carell, and Jordan Peele. Many former Second City residents have had successful stints on Saturday Night Live.

4. Comedy Works – Denver

A mile high in the Rocky Mountains is home to the fourth entry on our list, Denver’s Comedy Works. At this location, you will see both popular names of the circuit as well as up-and-coming acts. This club was founded in 1981 and is a fairly popular place for comedians to record albums. The owner actually worked her way up from waitress over the years, adding a fun story to this club’s legend.

5. Rumor’s Comedy Club – Winnipeg

The first Canadian entry on our list is Rumor’s Comedy Club in Winnipeg. This club has largely put Winnipeg on the map as one of North America’s best comedy scenes. It is well-known for being a great place for local talent to practice their skills and has been responsible for the large rise in Winnipeg comedians. A favourite annual tradition is its “Winnipeg’s Funniest Person with a Day Job” competition.

6. Helium Comedy Club – Portland

Portland, Oregon, is truly a jewel of a city with beautiful sights and an alternative vibe. Helium is actually a chain or comedy clubs that began in Philadelphia; however, the Portland location has by far established itself as the best of them. A large club without a bad seat in the house, Helium is a popular locale for many touring acts while also providing a venue for amateurs to try out their skills.

7. Yuk Yuks – Toronto

Yuk Yuk’s is a chain that has grown to a number of locations across Canada; however, the Toronto location truly stands out as one of North America’s best clubs. This club has been in existence since 1978 and typically has a mixture of established and amateur comics. Antidepressant Thursdays puts on a great show while student showcases from local colleges are also a fun departure from traditional shows.

8. Zanie’s – Nashville

Just down the road from Nashville’s most famous hot chicken restaurant is Zanie’s Comedy Club. Widely regarded as the top comedy club in the southern United States, you’ll see major touring acts and lots of local Nashville talent. The city as a whole has a thriving performing arts scene. While music often overshadows the comedy shows, there are tons of great Nashville comics, many of which are showcased at this club’s “Comedy Out the Yazoo” show.

9. Caroline’s on Broadway – New York City

With its strong influence on stand-up comedy, it is no surprise that New York City has two entries on this list. Caroline’s on Broadway is located in the famed Time’s Square. It is a popular place for regular comedy fans and celebrities alike. The club itself is almost always packed and has one of the best vibes of any comedy club today. Pair a classic feel with modern food and you have the Caroline’s experience.

10. Comedy Club on State – Madison

Madison, Wisconsin is not a city that immediately comes to many people’s minds; however, this is a thriving arts community in the middle of the Midwest. Comedy Club on State has taken advantage of the city’s hippie vibe and college-town roots to establish itself as one of the best clubs in North America. The club itself has a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and features a blend of well-known names and local amateurs. Major shows are held in partnership with the nearby Orpheum Theatre.

Comedy in Montreal

And there you have it, the 10 Best Comedy Clubs in North America. While there are many great places to see the best comedy in North America, we are happy to have our very own hilarious English comedy club in Montreal right here at Comedyville. Whether you are a regular patron or have never dropped in before, we are always happy to welcome you to enjoy Montreal comedy and some great food!


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