Montreal English Stand-up Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Comedyville?
  2. is a premier Montreal Comedy Club specializing in English stand-up performances, offering a unique comedic experience in the heart of Montreal.

  3. Where is Comedyville located?
  4. We’re located in the vibrant heart of Montreal, providing easy access for comedy enthusiasts. View our contact page for more info.

  5. Do you offer English stand-up shows?
  6. Absolutely! Comedyville is proud to feature some of the best Montreal English stand-up comedians, ensuring a night full of laughter.

  7. How can I buy tickets for the comedy shows?
  8. Tickets for our live comedy events can be purchased directly from our website. We recommend booking in advance, especially for our popular Montreal English Stand-up comedy nights. View our upcoming comedy shows for more info.

  9. Are there any age restrictions for attending the comedy club?
  10. Our comedy venue is teenage-friendly if they’re accompanied by an adult. Just keep in mind that some of the content at Montreal English Stand-up is R-rated.

  11. How does Comedyville compare to other Montreal English Stand-up shows?
  12. Comedyville stands out as a top Montreal comedy club, offering a mix of established and emerging English stand-up comedians. Our intimate setting and high-quality performances set us apart.

  13. Do you host special comedy events or themed nights?
  14. Yes, we regularly host special comedy events and themed nights, showcasing a diverse range of comedic styles and talents. Check our schedule for upcoming events.

  15. Is there parking available near the comedy club?
  16. Yes, we have convenient parking options available for our guests near our Montreal comedy club location in Central Station. View our contact page for more info.

  17. Can I perform at Comedyville?
  18. We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent! If you’re a stand-up comedian interested in performing at our club in English, please contact us for audition details.

  19. How can I stay updated on upcoming comedy shows and events at Comedyville?
  20. Join our newsletter or follow us on our social media channels to stay updated on our latest English stand-up shows and comedy events in Montreal.

  21. Do you offer group discounts or packages for special occasions?
  22. Yes, at Comedyville, we offer special packages for groups and occasions like birthdays or corporate events. Contact our Montreal Comedy Club team for more details on group bookings and discounts.

  23. What’s the duration of a typical stand-up show at Comeyville?
  24. Most of our English stand-up shows in Montreal last approximately 75 minutes to 90 minutes. However, special events nights might vary in duration. We recommend checking the specific event details on our website.

  25. Can I reserve a specific seat or table for the Montreal English stand-up shows?
  26. Our seating is generally first come, first served. The later you arrive, the closer you’ll sit to the stage at our English stand-up event. However, if you enjoy being put on the spot and want a front-row experience, you can reserve front-row seating by getting in touch with us before the show.

  27. Do you serve food and drinks during the comedy shows?
  28. Yes, we offer a multitude of meals and beverages to complement your comedy night in Montreal. Enjoy delicious treats while laughing out loud! View our menu for more info.

  29. How can I get in touch for media inquiries or collaborations?
  30. For media inquiries, partnerships, or collaborations related to our Montreal stand-up comedy events, please reach out to our PR and media team.


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