How to Produce Your First Comedy Show

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Behind every successful comedy show is someone who got the whole thing organized. While the performers on stage may get all the attention, the people behind the stage make sure everything runs smoothly. Producing a comedy show is an essential element of the comedic enterprise. Like with anything else, doing all the behind-the-scenes work required to be a successful producer can be tough if you lack experience. If you’ve never produced before, you will probably need some pointers. Here are four things to do when you are producing your first comedy show.

Determine What Kind of Show It Will Be

How long do you want the show to last? What sort of comedians do you want to perform at your show? These are the sorts of questions you need to ask when you first begin to put together your show. It often helps to have a specific theme for the show (especially in terms of attracting an audience). A show needs a “hook” to engage potentially interested attendees. Of course, the biggest key is featuring excellent, super funny comedians on stage.

Find the Right Venue

Location, location, location — where an event will be held is very important. Start looking into venues early, since many places are booked well in advance. Think about what sort of show you are putting on when considering a venue — does it fit with the atmosphere you are aiming for? Be realistic about how large of an audience your show is likely to attract. A large room with only a modest crowd in it makes for a bad atmosphere, which gets your show off on precisely the wrong foot.

Take Care of the Details

Comedy does not require as much in the way of equipment as other forms of live entertainment (such as music), but you must make sure some things are provided. Being a producer is all about taking care of the setup so that the performers can simply focus on being funny. Ensure that the basics — such as microphones, stage lighting, and the sound system — are all set up properly. The entire show depends on these kind of details.

Get the Word Out

Both you and everyone appearing at your show want a full house. It would be a shame to put on an amazing show and have almost no one there. That’s where good promotion becomes so valuable. Put up information about the show online, such as on the website of the venue. Make sure performers are sharing the details about the show (where it is, when it is) on their social media. Get sources for local events to mention your show. Consider putting up fliers. Talk about the show to everyone you know — word of mouth is important.

To successfully produce a comedy show, you need to be an organized, efficient person. Paradoxically, the qualities needed to be a producer are in some ways the reverse of what is needed to be a successful performer. The person on stage at a comedy show has to live in the moment, while the producer has to think of everything beforehand. If you remember to be careful and thorough, your first comedy show production should go off without a hitch.


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