6 Secret Spots in Montreal to visit

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Visitors to Montreal certainly have many things to see. While the Notre-Dame Basilica and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are popular staples, there is much more you can add to your visit. In fact, the city has a number of secret spots that only the locals seem to know. Whether you are travelling here for the major sights or one of our famed comedy shows, you may very well want to add one of these to your itinerary. Just be sure not to tell anybody. Here are six secret spots in Montreal:

Theatre Mainline

While Montreal has many wonderful places to see theatre, one of the hidden gems is Theatre Mainline. This place serves as the center of independent theatre. It is home to a number of English-speaking performances, which may be something that draws the interest of those here for English comedy clubs.

Theatre Mainline also is home to a lot of unique reoccurring events including Slow Dance Night and a Strip Spelling Bee. Visitors are encouraged to check their schedule of events and pay them a visit.

Habitat 67

 If you take a walk along the river in the Old Port area, you may have noticed a unique architectural site across the way. Habitat 67 is actually located in Cité-du-Havre, an artificial peninsula used to host Expo 67. Designed by Moshe Safdie for the 1967 World Expedition, Habitat 67 served as an experiment in high-quality urban housing.

It provides a beautiful place to get panoramic views of all of Montreal. However, visitors interested in history and architecture will love taking a guided tour of this unique location. On a tour, you will be able to view the footbridges, suspended terraces, and even a residential apartment.

Surfing the St. Lawrence

 When you think of rivers, surfing is probably not one of the things that come to your mind. But in Montreal, you can surf the St. Lawrence River! This is due to the presence of an area where the river’s water runs into a series of rocks, causing the water to swell upwards. This creates stationary waves, which have transformed Montreal into a fun urban surfing destination.

One wave is actually nicknamed Habitat 67 due to its location near the architectural site. Another can be found in Lasalle near des Rapides Park. Experienced surfers are able to bring their own boards while newcomers are welcome to book an excursion with a company that provides surfing lessons, that will help ensure that you can navigate the wave safely.

Phi Centre

Montreal is filled with a wide variety of museums. One that many people don’t discover is the Phi Centre; however, this is one of the most fun to attend. This is because the Phi Centre is geared around creating interactions between artistic works and the audience.

You’ll find the Phi Centre home to a wide variety of virtual reality art exhibits. If you want an immersive artistic experience, you will definitely delight in the Phi Centre. The museum also hosts frequent musical performances from internationally renowned musicians.

Clock Tower Beach

 If you are looking to relax on your vacation, you can find many different opportunities. However, one of Montreal’s secret spots for relaxation comes in the form of our own beach. Clock Tower Beach is a place that is somewhat hidden in plain sight. Located in Old Port, this is a great place to relax on a summer day.

The beach has its own bistro where you can purchase food and plays host to frequent events. Riverside Yoga is a popular event; however, the crown jewel for Cock Tower Beach is the summer fireworks nights. Here, the beach is open until 11 p.m., meaning you can relax while watching a beautiful sunset followed by spectacular fireworks.

Lachine Canal

A National Historic Site, Lachine Canal provides a great place to connect with nature and get active. The canal itself spans 13.5 kilometres with an accompanying green space. As you traverse the canal, you will notice five different locks. You can find many sites nearby to learn more about Montreal’s history.

Today, one of the favourite things to do at Lachine Canal is ride bikes. The path along the canal is popular for those wanting a morning run or afternoon bike ride, and bikes can be rented nearby. The canal also serves as a good location for canoeing or kayaking.

Catch a Comedy Show

While you explore six secret spots in Montreal and other secret spots, we welcome you to catch a show by visiting our English comedy club. We would love the opportunity to be a part of your holiday in our wonderful city!


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