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Timing Your Comedy Crowd Work: Tips for Getting It Right

There are a couple of reasons why comedians do crowd work. One, it’s an easy replacement for when a stand up set isn’t going super great or if they want to get some stage time without a fully...

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Montreal Comedy Series, Part II 🤣

  There is a whole new Comedy Festival in Montreal and the second edition kicks off on August 27, 2021,...

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ComedyVille’s Valentine’s Show In The Media

  On February 13, 2021, The our club held its Valentine’s Comedy Show, on ZOOM. More than 150 attended the...

comedy near me

Montreal Comedy Series 🤣

  There is a whole new Comedy Festival in Montreal and it kicked-off on August 28, 2020 at the Comedyville. ...

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Montreal’s Sun Life Building Turns 100

    The Sun Life building in Montreal is celebrating its centenary this year. When it opened, the 26-storey structure was...

comedy club montreal

Montreal’s Best of Open Mic (BOOM)

In 2007, Eman El-Husseini came up with the idea of starting a BEST OF OPEN MIC competition, hence BOOM. The...

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The ComedyVille Group

  The Comedyville, a Montreal Comedy Club located in downtown Montreal, hosts the legendary weekend comedy shows in the historic...

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Management at The Comedyville

  I would like to welcome you to Comedyville, formally known as Fantasia Events & Entertainment. We’re production company and...

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