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Differences between French and American Humour

One question we sometimes receive from patrons at our comedy shows is an inquiry to the differences between French and American humor. Let’s take a look at the major differences.

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Origins of La Poutine

When it comes to food, the national dish of Canada is poutine. A survey found that 21% of Canadians listed poutine as their favorite iconic Canadian food, giving it first place over things such as...

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Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television: A Bit of Comedy History

Carlin’s most famous bit of comedy was titled “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” This skit was first recorded in...

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Comedy Classics: “Who’s on First”

Abbott & Costello were a very popular American comedy duo. The pair, comprised of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, first began working together in New York City in the 1930s.

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Why are Quebec Corner Stores Called Dépanneurs?

In Quebec, the term depanneur refers to a specific type of corner store. These are places where you can get virtually anything...

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The 10 Best Comedy Clubs in North America

While you can find amazing comedy shows in Montreal, there is always something exciting about visiting a new club. With that in mind, here is Comedyville’s rankings of the 10 best comedy clubs...

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Who Is the Oldest Stand-Up Comic?

There are many excellent stand-up comics that are fairly up in age. It may surprise you to realize that Jerry Seinfeld is more than 68 years old and Joan Rivers performed up until her death at 81.

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History of Montreal

The area that would become Montreal has a history spanning over 8,000 years since the initial First Nations tribe settled the area. It was the Iroquois people that are the first known residents of the area...

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History of Improvisational Comedy

Improvisational Comedy, or Improv for short, has increasingly gained a following over the past few decades. This style embraces spontaneity and can bring about roaring laughs.

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