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comedy show montreal - Seinfeld: The Journey Through the Most Watched TV Show of its Era

Seinfeld: The Journey Through the Most Watched TV Show of its Era

In the golden age of television, there has been a remarkable show that stands out in the crowded landscape - "Seinfeld", the brainchild of the legendary Jerry Seinfeld.

comedy shows in montreal - Jackie 'Moms' Mabley The Trailblazing First Female Comedian and Her Legacy

Jackie ‘Moms’ Mabley: The Trailblazing First Female Comedian and Her Legacy

There are many women who have played pivotal roles in shaping the history of stand-up comedy. But who was the first? Let’s take a look at the life of the world’s first female comedian.

montreal comedy festival - Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival

Just for Laughs: The Guide to the World’s Largest Comedy Festival

Prepare to laugh your heart out! Just for Laughs (Just pour rire), the largest comedy festival in the world, is a comedy extravaganza that takes place in the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada.

Montreal Comedy - Comedy Persona Eyewear Choose Between Contacts or Glasses

Contacts or Glasses? Picking Eyewear to Fit Your Comedy Persona

Consider taking your set to the next level by considering what your comedy persona will look like — such as whether you'll be wearing contact lenses or glasses.

comedy near me - Top Summer Activities in Montreal

Top Things to Do in Montreal in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be in Montreal. What better way to spend some time than having a picnic or going to a festival! Dive into Montreal's food, art, and culture.

comedy club near me - 10 Best Comedy Movies

10 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

If you're on the hunt for movies that promise plenty of laughter, you're in for a treat. Prepare to embark on a journey through the top 10 funniest comedy movies of all time.

comedy shows near me - First Image of Montreal

The First photograph of Montreal

While Joseph Niepce took the first photograph ever in France, it wasn't too long afterwards that someone captured the first photograph of Montreal between 1853 and 1853.

comedy show near me - 10 Richest Stand-up Comedians

10 Richest Stand-up Comedians in the World

Sometimes, comedians become incredibly popular, becoming household names and earning large fortunes. Who are the richest stand-up comedians and how did they make their fortunes?

comedy show montreal - History of Montreal’s Oldest Street

History of Montreal’s Oldest Street

You can find many modern accoutrements such as fancy restaurants, artsy shops, and lively entertainment. Be sure to take a stroll down Saint Paul Street during your visit to Montreal.

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