Montreal’s Best of Open Mic (BOOM)

In 2007, Eman El-Husseini came up with the idea of starting a BEST OF OPEN MIC competition, hence BOOM. The idea was to bring about an exciting and yet simple concept to Montreal’s open mic scene. A competition that would feature the best of open mic’ers of the month. And so it began, and overtime BOOM became very popular and hundreds of Comedians participated in this competition. They attended the regular open mics at the old Comedyworks in order to be able to qualify for BOOM, which took place the last Sunday of each month.
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The ComedyVille Group

The ComedyVille, a Montreal Comedy Club located in downtown Montreal, hosts the legendary weekend comedy shows in the historic SunLife building. You can use this website if you need to purchase tickets for our weekend shows, need to hire a comedian for an event (divorce parties are popular these days), organise or produce a corporate or charitable comedy show (yes, we know it has to be clean), or if your colleagues think you’re funny at work or you’re a talented comedian wanting to add yourself to our talent database, we encourage you to click on the appropriate link.

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Management at The ComedyVille

I would like to welcome you to the ComedyVille, formally known as Fantasia Events & Entertainment. ComedyVille is a Comedy production company, specialising in comedy theme-based shows, and also a talent management agency for hiring comedians. You can use this website to find out about our latest productions, hire a comedian or comedians, or even inquire about producing a comedy show for your charitable organisation, company & colleagues and even a loved one. I have more than 10 years of experience in producing comedy shows and finding the right comedian(s) for your event. So you can do the laughing while I help you organise it properly. If you are a comedian, don’t hesitate to add yourself to ComedyVille’s talent database, because, you never know.

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