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comedy near me - Top Summer Activities in Montreal

Top Things to Do in Montreal in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be in Montreal. What better way to spend some time than having a picnic or going to a festival! Dive into Montreal's food, art, and culture.

comedy shows near me - First Image of Montreal

The First photograph of Montreal

While Joseph Niepce took the first photograph ever in France, it wasn't too long afterwards that someone captured the first photograph of Montreal between 1853 and 1853.

comedy show montreal - History of Montreal’s Oldest Street

History of Montreal’s Oldest Street

You can find many modern accoutrements such as fancy restaurants, artsy shops, and lively entertainment. Be sure to take a stroll down Saint Paul Street during your visit to Montreal.

montreal comedy - Top 10 Spring Activities to Experience in Montreal

Top 10 Spring Activities to Experience in Montreal

From the vibrant colors of the Botanical Garden to the festive atmosphere of the Montreal Grand Prix and the art galleries of Plateau Mont-Royal, there are so many events and activities to enjoy.

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Origins of La Poutine

When it comes to food, the national dish of Canada is poutine. A survey found that 21% of Canadians listed poutine as their favorite iconic Canadian food, giving it first place over things such as...

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Why are Quebec Corner Stores Called Dépanneurs?

In Quebec, the term depanneur refers to a specific type of corner store. These are places where you can get virtually anything...

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History of Montreal

The area that would become Montreal has a history spanning over 8,000 years since the initial First Nations tribe settled the area. It was the Iroquois people that are the first known residents of the area...

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6 Secret Spots in Montreal to visit

Visitors to Montreal certainly have many things to see. While the Notre-Dame Basilica and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are popular staples, there is much more you can add to your visit.

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Must See Places in Montreal

A favorite of many tourists is to visit Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal in French). This is the location where the city was originally founded by French settlers in 1642 as Fort Ville-Marie.

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5 Best Date Night Ideas in Montreal

One of the best things about living in Montreal is that there are so many great ideas for fun date...