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comedy show Montreal - Top 5 Stand-Up Comedy Tips How to Crush Your Next Performance

Top 5 Stand-Up Comedy Tips: How to Crush Your Next Performance

Whether you're a budding comic or a seasoned pro, mastering the art of stand-up comedy is no small feat. Today, Here are five hilarious tips that will improve your next stand-up comedy routine.

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The Power of Callbacks in Stand-Up Comedy

Callbacks do a lot to keep an audience engaged. Even jokes that are hilarious on their own may have less impact if they are disconnected from one another. By including callbacks in your comedy routine...

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Different Styles of Stand-up Comedy

Chances are that your very first comedy show was observational comedy. This style tends to be the most frequently performed over the years. Observational comedy simply makes observations about...

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How to Interact With a Comedy Show Audience

Knowing your audience when performing live comedy is crucial. The rapport and emotional connection that can be formed between...

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How to Perform at a Comedy Show for the First Time

The prospect of performing at a comedy show for the first time can fill you with a variety of emotions....

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How to Produce Your First Comedy Show

Behind every successful comedy show is someone who got the whole thing organized. While the performers on stage may get...

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The Secrets to Successfully Hosting a Show

The audience isn’t laughing and some of them even have a legit scowl on their face. What are you supposed to do? You’re standing up there at the mic and you need to cleanse every one of the...

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How to Write a Comedy Joke That Works

You can walk into any comedy club in Montreal and you’ll see a mix of new and experienced comics trying to make the audience laugh, or cringe, or cry…from laughter. Hundreds of comics have ...

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Timing Your Comedy Crowd Work: Tips for Getting It Right

There are a couple of reasons why comedians do crowd work. One, it’s an easy replacement for when a stand up set isn’t going super great or if they want to get some stage time without a fully...