8 Best Things to Do in Montreal

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At Comedyville Comedy Club, we have patrons from all over. We love providing laughs to the Montreal comedy scene and also love showcasing our city to guests. Whether you are a first-time visitor, a new resident, or a lifelong Montrealer wanting to rediscover the area, here are the eight best things to do in Montreal, aside from attending a show at Comedyville Comedy Club.

1. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

If you are visiting Montreal, you may be wondering why the first entry on our list is a church. Notre-Dame Basilica is something everyone has to see. Even if you aren’t religious, you will find yourself blown away by the architecture and art. The stained glass of this cathedral is among the most beautiful in North America and the world.

The Gothic Revival church also has an extensive history, and your admission includes a guided tour in either English or French. Extended tours are available for those who want to learn more about the church and visit areas like its galleries. As a functioning church, you can also attend mass if you wish. The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is located in the historic district of Old Montreal.

2. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

If you were excited at the prospect of seeing the beauty of Notre-Dame, you will love the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Here you will find one of Canada’s most extensive collections of art including paintings, pottery, and other artifacts. In fact, this museum has over 40,000 permanent pieces on exhibit plus constantly rotating travelling exhibitions.

It isn’t uncommon for guests to spend hours wandering through the various pavilions and galleries. While there is truly something for everyone’s artistic taste, make sure you don’t miss the sculpture garden including many stunning pieces such as blown glass work by Dale Chihuly.

3. Redpath Museum

For the museum lovers out there, the Redpath Museum is another exciting and informative attraction. Are you interested in ancient Egyptian mummies? How about towering dinosaurs? You’ll find them both here along with many other exhibits exploring geology, biology, and paleontology.

The Redpath Museum, located on McGill University campus, is a museum of natural history that strives to draw guests in with impressive displays and interesting facts. You can purchase a guided tour; however, many visitors prefer exploring the museum on their own, allowing them to spend as much time at each exhibit as desired.

4. Attend a Hockey Game

Montreal is a hockey city. In fact, our famed Montreal Canadiens have won more Stanley Cups than any other team in history, hoisting the iconic trophy a total of 24 times. There is truly nothing quite like the environment of watching hockey here. Join the Canadiens, the oldest professional hockey franchise in the world, for one of their home games at the Bell Centre.

Watching hockey live can be entertaining even if you have limited knowledge of the sport. It is a fast-paced game with big hits and impressive saves. Watching the Canadiens take on their NHL rivals will give you an opportunity to take part in one of the city’s oldest traditions as the team played its first games way back in 1910.

5. Have Some Poutine

Montreal is famous for its culinary scene and has many iconic foods such as smoked meat and crepes; however, perhaps the most famous throughout Canada is poutine. And Montreal is by far the best place for poutine in the nation. This delicious food consists of French fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

Poutine is perfect for a snack, or you can make an entire meal out of it. You won’t have to travel far to get great poutine in Montreal either as it can be found in many restaurants. Consider trying it at Chez Ma Tante, Casserole Kreole, La Banquise, or any of the delightful purveyors of this delicious treat.

6. Take in the Tam-Tams

If you are visiting Montreal during the summer, you simply must visit the Les Tam-Tams du mont Royal. This is the name of our weekly festival that occurs every Sunday near Mount Royal on Park Avenue (Avenue du Parc in French). This festival actually has its origins all the way back in 1974 and tends to have more of a bohemian style, making it a very fun experience and a great way to see more of Montreal.

When attending the Tam-Tams, you never know exactly what you’ll get. There are often drum circles, various games, and opportunities to shop. It is a very laid-back and leisurely festival, making it the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning all the way to sunset.

7. Cruise the St. Lawrence River

If you haven’t visited us before, you may be surprised to learn that the city is an island located in the Saint Lawrence River. Thus, one of the best ways to learn about the city is by taking a boat tour. There are many different companies that offer cruises leaving from the Old Port area.

These cruises are typically an hour to 90 minutes long and provide stories about the founding and history of Montreal. You will also be able to see many of Montreal’s famous architectural sites such as the Olympic Stadium and Habitat 67. This is a fun way to see the city in an unconventional manner.

8. Relax at Bota Bota

Speaking of boats, a relaxing way to spend some time in Montreal is on a boat that has been transformed into a floating spa. Called Bota Bota, this is a place where you can enjoy a massage, get a facial treatment, or enjoy healthy, delicious food at their restaurant.

Of course, many people prefer to book the Water Circuit. This is a series that begins with 15 minutes in the sauna followed by a short dip in a cold bath, and relaxation in a hammock. Customers are able to repeat the steps as often as desired until they are fully relaxed and ready to take on the rest of their day.

Have a True Montreal Experience!

While our eight best things to do in Montreal can certainly keep you entertained, there are many things to do as you spend time exploring. As the premier comedy club here, we are certainly happy to welcome you to take in a show at Comedyville as well, right after relaxing at a Spa. Regardless of what you decide to do, we know you’ll love visiting our city and may your visit be a memorable one.


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